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maternity hospital

Project: Motherhood Birthing Centre,Bangalore

Client: TPG

Project Details: 40000 sf Medical Planning, Interior Design and supervision
.Our founder was project lead along with healthcare Wardfour consultants.

Team: Ar.Darshpreet, Ar.Sujayanti Dasgupta ,Ar.Siddharth Puri

Project brief :This project was conceptualised as an all-encompassing experience to enhance the birthing journey not only for expectant mothers but also for the medical staff and families. The attempt was to steer clear of the conventional institutional design of healthcare facilities and bring in an element of hospitality in order to mitigate anxiety usually associated with hospitals. The design leans towards a built environment designed with plenty of natural light that incorporates a sense of serenity and has a positive impact on the well-being of the patients and staff efficiency.

Project Status: Completed 2018

immigration centre

Project: Immigration centre,New Delhi

Client: Max Healthcare

Project Details: 6000 sf Medical Planning, Interior Design, and CA
Our founder was part of design team along with healthcare Wardfour consultants.

Team: Ar.Siddharth Puri, Ar.Darshpreet,Ar.Sujayanti Dasgupta

Project Brief: This centre is designed to segregate the traffic flow in an organized manner.Use of minimalist furniture to enhance the space.
Screens are added as a design feature to break the conventional look of health centers.

Project Status: Completed 2018

Pediatric centre

Project: Pediatric centre,Chandigarh

Project Details: 900 sf Medical Planning, Interior Design

Project Brief: The area is designed to accommodate diverse functions for different age groups in a dynamic floor plan.

All the general circulations of the project are resolved with a geometry that aims to blur the limits of each of these uses, giving them continuity. This continuity is achieved by giving a different material in flooring.

Project Status: Completed 2019

ent & ortho centre

Project: ENT & Ortho Centre ,Chandigarh

Client: Dr.Gupta

Project Details: 2700 sf Medical Planning, Interior Design

Project brief: The challenge is to segregate traffic flow for Lab ,outpatient and inpatients.The daylight is reaching every space and light colour palette is used for interiors.

Project Status: Ongoing

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