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Structure,Plumbing,Electrical,Landscape are the components which should be in proper position in their own specific defined area keeping in mind the accessibility for maintenance in future.

If there is any blockage or disruption in the functionality of services then it will affect the whole functioning of the building.


We provide architecture services from conceptual design ideas, working drawings,3D visualisation , coordination with consultants to execute the project and supervision of the site.

Its a collaborative process among architects, designers, engineers, consultants, and clients.

We believe in schedules and transparency with clients, contractors to keep the process smoothly.

Our integrated approach delivers the lasting architecture quality and value to owners, users, investors and the community while approaching sustainable architecture.

'Architects are like doctors so one should be very specific about their requirements ,user routine which will lead to user friendly design and hence all will be on same page.'


Founder, d9 design studio


We like to keep things simple yet creative which defines your taste and shows our experience in this field.

Our interior services include space planning, interior decor, material selections, furnishing.
We design furniture, lights for residences and public spaces also.

Every interior project are defined by a colour palette and textures.

We take you through the journey of concrete finish rustic ceiling looks to heavy cornice pop false ceilings to wooden ceilings and make you understand what appeals you and what you need.

We love plants. So we make sure your workplace/residences must be surrounded by plants.

'We are always thrilled to work precisely on every tiny detail.
At last, when you touch that handle to open a cabinet or rest your arm on that chair's armrest, it matters. It really does'

Founder, d9 design studio


Master planning+Urban design services include:
Educational campus planning
Healthcare master planning
Industrial campus planning
Commercial campus planning
Mix-use residential planning
This is a collaborative effort of our team along with consultants and engineers, investors from different departments to refine a unified approach & vision for the project.
Our team works coordinates with consultants to make sure from day one every aspect is covered and executed precisely at every stage and to keep the project schedule on time.
We focus on accessibility, the approach of every zone and their interconnectivity,scale of the city, climatic conditions, green areas, natural light,  the slope of site & surroundings and culture of the city. The design of urban infrastructure defines the city and its people. So our team helps to keep in mind all these factors.


'You do not need physical walls to define a space to function on its own.'

Founder, d9 design studio


We have consultants from every field which helps the building to function properly.
Following are the services we provide:
MEP consultancy
Structural consultancy
Landscape consultancy
Healthcare consultancy

'Building's life majorly depends on quality of structure and how precisely MEP services are done.'


Founder, d9 design studio


We design the space to experience the brand's identity, style, and quality which it offers to the user. It ranges from hospitals, retail outlets to workspaces. We understand the quality what you offer and how space reflects that through our design through specific colours, signages, graphics.
We believe that branding is the key to marketing and the promise of quality in every outlet.

'It's a signature style.Let's look at Max healthcare, Royal Enfield, MAC, Baskin Robbins ;they have global franchisees and are providing the same quality everywhere and that assurance is given not only through their products or services but also through user experience, playing with same color palette whether you enter their store in India or abroad you feel the same interior aura which creates quality assurance to the customer .'

Founder, d9 design studio


Our Research cell is open to students, carpenters, engineers,
consultants, Mason; anyone who is willing to do research or to create awareness through their invention are welcome here.
We are happy to be part of architectural researches ,study of new
materials which spreads knowledge and awareness .
This creates opportunities for improvement in the design approach.
We do campus survey's  to check infrastructure whether it needs expansion or improvement in organisational skills so to keep things run smoothly with the increase of footfall every year.

'We can grow only by learning on day to day basis.'


Founder, d9 design studio

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