CAFETERIA at bathinda

Project: BARISTA cafe

Project Details:
950 sqft ,interior design,furniture design


Project brief : This space is designed to cater 40-50 people in a rectangular space.
We have divided space into different zones to cater every group coming here whether for work or in groups to hangout .
Seating arrangements are designed according to every zone .
Mood board is designed to maintain Brand’s identity. An effective brand identity is created to associate customers with a high level of credibility and quality.

Project Status: completed 2020






restaurant at bathinda

Project: Gentlemen's club -Restaurant

Project Details:
1800 sqft ,interior design,furniture design

Project brief : This space is designed to cater 40-60 people to hangout and for wonderful conversations over a cup of coffee and meals.

The rectangular space is subdivided into different subzones through seating arrangement and furniture design which makes space more dynamic and takes you to different zone from outside world.

We have used Light wood with highlight coloured walls to make space comforting and welcoming.

The artwork on walls enhances the whole space & gracefully marks its physical presence .

The use of green plants which we always encourage adds life to whole space.
Project Status: in the finishing stage


scotyard cafe bathinda

Project: Cafe and Party hall

Project Details: 1000sqft ground floor and basement

Elevation design ,interior design, furniture design

Project Brief :

In the chaos street where traffic is an issue we wanted to highlight the entrance of café and marks its physical presence through front elevation design.

As width of space is very less, we worked on furniture layout to accommodate more people in this space.

Tables are designed as wall hung which makes area more spacious.

The use of Dark wood with pop of teal and yellow isolates you from outside space.

Basement is designed as a party hall  which is designed to dance more and theme is subtle with one feature wall where you can click pictures with your friends.

Project Status: decor stage


gamerslegion e-sports cafe

Project: Gaming Cafe

Project Details: 750sqft

Project Brief: This space is designed for playing pc games.

Dark theme with sharp colourful lines of led sets the playground for gaming.

Project Status: Completed 2019



Project: Retail jewellery store

Project Details: 600sqft

Project Brief: This store is designed in such a way that customer's eyes should admire displayed jewellery and there should be no other distractions on wall .

We have kept the display boxes simple and white with black marble background so that jewellery should speak for itself .

As the sitting and circulation space is limited , we have designed antique gold ceiling mesh which gives character to whole space.

Project Status: Completed 2019